Monday, 16 November 2009

up n' at 'em

We have now contacted (or attempted to contact), all recipients of the Bill.
Inevitably by relying on e-mail alone some have bounced back. We think that 90% of Billbods have now received their initial e-mail outlining what to do next.

Anyone not receiving a congratulations e-mail get in touch with Ken Rose at

It is good to see we now have 2 followers to this blogsite. If all 56 articipants register as followers to this blogspot we will be able to be sure most of the information/disinformation is getting to all.

Either myself or Ron Seaker, (Head of R & D), will be updating this site at least every fortnight with information and misinformation.

Due to the popular demand for our product; outstripping supply in fact, we have agreed at our latest Billboard meeting to allow 3 extra mini-bills to be included. 3 people will be sent a billboard in smaller pieces but adding up to the same overall surface area as all other articipants bits o' bill, (made up from the off-cuts), so we should soon have 59 taking part.

Exciting stuff!

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