Tuesday, 9 February 2010

home news from a board

Is it that time of year already.

February is upon us and here at The FRS headquarters we are bracing ourselves for the onslaught of exciting news from all our 'articipants' or 'billbods'. 

3 months ago we gave away an 18ft billboard for re-appropriation and re-assignment. We have heard small snippets of juicy gossip an manipulations, situations and calibrations of the 'bits o'bill'.

We are now asking all our articipants to get in touch and send us at least 2 images showing just what has become of the billboard.

We will be setting up a flicker account, and also hope to make something more of it all. We may invite everyone back for a showing perhaps at a gallery perhaps at a book fair, perhaps as an intervention; all will depend on the nature of what has been created from each 2ft x 3ft piece. 

Ken Rose [r.a.] Head of Recent Acquisitions